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Removing volatile organic compounds in cooking fume by nano-sized TiO2 photocatalytic reaction combined with ozone oxidation technique

Li, Yu-Hua, Cheng, Su-Wen, Yuan, Chung-Shin, Lai, Tzu-Fan, Hung, Chung-Hsuang
Chemosphere 2018 v.208 pp. 808-817
air, cooking, fiberglass, filters, irradiation, oils, oxidation, ozone, photocatalysis, temperature, titanium dioxide, volatile organic compounds
Chinese cooking fume is one of the sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. An innovative control technology combining photocatalytic degradation and ozone oxidation (UV/TiO2+O3) was developed to decompose VOCs in the cooking fume. Fiberglass filter (FGF) coated with TiO2 was prepared by an impregnation procedure. A continuous-flow reaction system was self-designed by combining photocatalysis with advanced ozone oxidation technique. By passing the simulated cooking fume through the FGF, the VOC decomposition efficiency in the cooking fume could be increased by about 10%. The decomposition efficiency of VOCs in the cooking fume increased and then decreased with the inlet VOC concentration. A maximum VOC decomposition efficiency of 64% was obtained at 100 ppm. Similar trend was observed for reaction temperature with the VOC decomposition efficiencies ranging from 64 to 68%. Moreover, inlet ozone concentration had a positive effect on the decomposition of VOCs in the cooking fume for inlet ozone≤1000 ppm and leveled off for inlet ozone>1000 ppm. 34% of VOC decomposition efficiency was achieved solely by ozone oxidation with or without near-UV irradiation. A maximum of 75% and 94% VOC decomposition efficiency could be achieved by O3+UV/TiO2 and UV/TiO2+O3 techniques, respectively. The maximum decomposition efficiencies of VOCs decreased to 79% for using UV/TiO2+O3 technique with adding water in the oil fume. Comparing the chromatographical species of VOCs in the oil fume before and after the decomposition of VOCs by using UV/TiO2+O3technique, we found that both TVOC and VOC species in the oil fume were effectively decomposed.