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Overview of the state of the art of processes and technical bottlenecks for coal gasification wastewater treatment

Zhu, Hao, Han, Yuxing, Xu, Chunyan, Han, Hongjun, Ma, Weiwei
The Science of the total environment 2018 v.637-638 pp. 1108-1126
chemical industry, coal, foams, gasification, natural gas, odors, pollutants, risk, temperature, toxicity, wastewater, wastewater treatment
CGWW is major waste stream resulting from a number of activities of the low/medium temperature gasification unit that occurs during the production of natural gas. The resulting effluent contains a broad spectrum of organic and inorganic contaminants and exerts a negative influence on the environment, mainly due to the presence of toxic and refractory compounds. So far, various technologies have been applied for treatment of CGWW, while few reviews are available in the literature. Thus, this review attempts to offer a comprehensive picture about CGWW. An overview about pretreatment, biological and advanced processes for treatment of CGWW is presented, and the degradation mechanism of toxic and refractory pollutants is also elaborated. Technical bottlenecks existing in the operation of coal chemical industries, including foam proliferation, odors and biotoxicity risk, are detailed analyzed. Finally, the prospects of treatment for CGWW are discussed based on the concept of “wastewater is money”. The review can be provided as an effective technical support for the construction and operation of coal gasification industries.