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Characterization of O/W model system meat emulsions using shear creep and creep recovery tests based on mechanical simulation models and their correlation with texture profile analysis (TPA) parameters

Yilmaz, Mustafa Tahsin, Karaman, Safa, Dogan, Mahmut, Yetim, Hasan, Kayacier, Ahmed
Journal of food engineering 2012 v.108 no.2 pp. 327-336
cooked foods, emulsions, lipid content, meat, meat emulsions, oils, simulation models, temperature, texture, viscoelasticity
The effects of different oil and temperature levels on the viscoelastic behavior of O/W model system meat emulsions were assessed using creep and creep recovery tests. The viscoelastic behavior of such emulsions was characterized using the Burgers model parameters. In addition, texture profile analysis (TPA) of cooked meat emulsions was carried out to find a possible relationship between the creep and creep recovery data and TPA parameters. The final percentage recovery of the emulsions remarkably increased with oil content, but decreased with temperature level. Significant correlations among the creep-recovery data and TPA parameters were observed, this enabling meat processor to predict TPA parameters by resorting to shorter and less material consuming creep and creep recovery tests.