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Kinetic studies on the oxidative stabilization effect of red onion skins anthocyanins extract on parsley (Petroselinum crispum) seed oil

Drăghici, Olga, Păcală, Mariana-Liliana, Oancea, Simona
Food chemistry 2018 v.265 pp. 337-343
Petroselinum crispum, activation energy, anthocyanins, cooking fats and oils, functional foods, onions, oxidation, parsley, peroxide value, protective effect, seed oils, storage temperature, thermal analysis
Cold pressed parsley seed oil gained special interest for the development of new functional foods. Similar to other edible oils it needs protection against oxidation. The present study evaluated the protective effects of anthocyanins extracted from outer skins of red onion on parsley seed oil.The natural extract-oil samples and control have been subjected to storage at 45 °C for 10 days. The results of thermal analysis by DSC showed an optimal concentration of anthocyanins of 3 mL/100 g oil. Kinetic studies using the Ozawa-Flynn-Wall and Kissinger-Akahira-Sunose methods were performed on the sample optimally prepared. The results regarding the activation energy indicated improved stability of parsley seed oil in the presence of anthocyanins. The kinetic studies based on peroxide values also suggested the protective role of red onion anthocyanins.The results are important for the development of natural alternatives useful for the inhibition of oxidation in parsley seed oil.