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Nitrogen-Doped Coal Tar Pitch Based Microporous Carbons with Superior CO2 Capture Performance

Yu, Dai, Hu, Jun, Zhou, Lihui, Li, Jinxia, Tang, Jing, Peng, Changjun, Liu, Honglai
Energy & fuels 2018 v.32 no.3 pp. 3726-3732
adsorption, carbon, carbon dioxide, coal tar, ferric chloride, fuels, nitrogen, porosity, porous media, sorbents, temperature
Coal tar pitch based nitrogen-doped porous carbons were developed by FeCl₃ activation for enhanced CO₂ capture. The carbon materials, synthesized with different FeCl₃/carbon precursor mass ratios and activation temperatures, exhibit high porosity, especially microporosity, and nitrogen species contents, leading to superior CO₂ adsorption capacities in the range of 3.71–4.58 mmol g–¹ and 5.68–7.18 mmol g–¹ at 25 and 0 °C under 1 bar, respectively. In particular, N-AC-600-2 and N-AC-600-3 materials show the highest uptakes of CO₂ at 25 and 0 °C, respectively, which rank among the best porous carbon sorbents. The nitrogen-doping and porosity of the fabricated carbons have combined impact on CO₂ adsorption. In addition, both excellent regenerability and high CO₂/N₂ selectivity were achieved, making these carbon materials promising candidates for large-scale CO₂ adsorption.