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Conversion of CO2 into Organic Carbonates over a Fiber-Supported Ionic Liquid Catalyst in Impellers of the Agitation System

Shi, Xian-Lei, Chen, Yongju, Duan, Peigao, Zhang, Wenqin, Hu, Qianqian
ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 2018 v.6 no.5 pp. 7119-7127
agitation, carbon dioxide, carbonates, catalysts, cycloaddition reactions, epoxides, impellers, industrial applications, ionic liquids, physicochemical properties, protocols
Herein, a fiber-supported imidazolium-based ionic liquid catalyst in impellers of the agitation system was developed for efficient cycloaddition of CO₂ with epoxides under metal- and solvent-free conditions. The fiber-supported ionic liquid catalyst was designed collectively and synthesized systematically, and it was characterized in detail on the physicochemical properties via various technologies during both the preparation and utilization processes. Moreover, the influence of ionic liquid structures and reaction conditions on the cycloaddition was inspected, and the fiber catalyst-mediated CO₂ conversion proceeded smoothly (100 °C and 1 MPa) in a gram-scale for the synthesis of organic carbonates in good to quantitative yields. Notably, the novel fiber catalyst in impellers of the agitation system also displayed prominent recyclability (21 cycles), and the protocol could be operated concisely with a good prospect for industrial applications.