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Phylogenetic position of the enigmatic myxomycete genus Kelleromyxa revealed by SSU rDNA sequences

Erastova, Daria A., Okun, Mikhail V., Fiore-Donno, Anna Maria, Novozhilov, Yuri K., Schnittler, Martin
Mycological progress 2013 v.12 no.3 pp. 599-608
Physarales, nucleotide sequences, phylogeny, ribosomal DNA
The coprophilous myxomycete Kelleromyxa fimicola (Dearn. & Bisby) Eliasson was first described in 1929 as Licea fimicola Dearn. & Bisby. Based on the superficial resemblance of its sporocarps to those of Licea biforis, the species was placed within the Liceales, an order assigned by molecular phylogenies to the bright-spored clade of myxomycetes. However, detailed studies of the morphology and life cycle of K. fimicola revealed several characters of the dark-spored order Physarales. To elucidate the systematic position of Kelleromyxa, we obtained three partial and one complete sequence of the SSU rDNA, which demonstrated a clear relationship of K. fimicola to the order Physarales. However, the obtained sequences are not closely related to any of the two known families of Physarales, supporting the erection of a monotypic family for this species. Along with morphological observations, our data support the exclusion of K. fimicola from the order Liceales and placement among the order Physarales within the dark-spored clade of myxomycetes.