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Nutritional effect of Artemia nauplii enriched with Tetraselmis suecica and Chaetoceros calcitrans microalgae on growth and survival on the river prawn Macrobrachium americanum larvae

Méndez-Martínez, Yuniel, García-Guerrero, Marcelo Ulises, Lora-Vilchis, María Concepción, Martínez-Córdova, Luis Rafael, Arcos-Ortega, Fabiola Guadalupe, Alpuche, Juan José, Cortés-Jacinto, Edilmar
Aquaculture international 2018 v.26 no.4 pp. 1001-1015
Artemia, Chaetoceros calcitrans, Macrobrachium, Tetraselmis suecica, diet, metamorphosis, microalgae, nauplii, nutritive value, postlarvae
The nutritional value of nauplii and metanauplii I of Artemia enriched with microalgae as food for freshwater prawn larvae (Macrobrachium americanum) was tested. The larvae were fed with three different diets consisting of Artemia nauplii (D₁), Artemia metanauplii I enriched with Tetraselmis suecica (D₂), and Artemia metanauplii I enriched with Chaetoceros calcitrans (D₃) from zoea (Z)II. Growth showed differences since the third week, and the highest and lowest growth was observed with D₃ and D₁, respectively. The first metamorphosis to post-larvae appeared with treatment D₃ at 9 weeks. Survival showed differences at the first week with D₁ and D₃ treatments, and D₂ showed the best survival up to week 4. From the sixth week to the end, treatment D₃ reached the highest survival. With treatments D₁ and D₂, all larvae died at the 9th and 10th week, respectively. D₃ was the most effective of the three diets.