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Thermodynamic, ecological and economic aspects of the use of the gas turbine for heat supply to the stripping process in a supercritical CHP plant integrated with a carbon capture installation

Bartela, Łukasz, Skorek-Osikowska, Anna, Kotowicz, Janusz
Energy conversion and management 2014 v.85 pp. 750-763
carbon, carbon dioxide, coal, economic analysis, economic evaluation, electricity, heat, motivation, prices, sorbents, steam
This paper presents the results of thermodynamic and economic analyses for eight variants of a combined heat and power (CHP) plant fuelled with coal working under supercritical steam parameters and integrated with a CO2 capture installation and a gas turbine system. The motivation behind using a gas turbine in the system was to generate steam to supply heat for the stripping process that occurs in the separation installation to regenerate the sorbent. Additional analyses were conducted for the reference case, a CHP unit in which the CO2 separation process was not conducted, to enable an economic evaluation of the integration of a CHP unit with a CO2 separation installation according to the variants proposed. The break-even price of electricity and avoided emission costs were used to evaluate the respective solutions. In this paper, the results of the sensitivity analysis of the economic evaluation indicators in terms of the change in the annual operation time, price of emission allowance and heat demand rate for the realization of the stripping process for all cases are presented.