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Intravenous infusion of gastrin-releasing peptide-27 and bombesin in rats reveals differential effects on meal size and intermeal interval length

Washington, Martha C., Salyer, Sarah, Aglan, Amnah H., Sayegh, Ayman I.
Peptides 2014 v.51 pp. 145-149
bombesin, intravenous injection, laboratory animals, males, portion size, rats, satiety, sucrose
We have previously shown that the intraperitoneal (i.p.) administration of gastrin-releasing peptide-27 (GRP-27) or bombesin (BN) (at 0.21, 0.41 and 1.03nmol/kg) reduces meal size (MS) and prolongs the intermeal interval (IMI). Here, we hypothesized that the intravenous (i.v.) administration of the same doses of GRP-27 and BN will be as effective as the i.p. administration in evoking these feeding responses. To test this hypothesis, we administered GRP-27 and BN i.v. and measured first MS (10% sucrose), IMI, satiety ratio (SR, IMI/MS) and second MS in overnight food-deprived but not water-deprived male Sprague Dawley rats. We found that (1) only GRP-27 reduced the first MS, (2) BN prolonged the IMI, (3) GRP-27 and BN increased the SR and (4) only BN reduced the size of the second meal. Contrary to our hypothesis, the i.v. administration of GRP-27 and BN affected the MS and IMI differently than did the i.p. administration. In conclusion, this pharmacological study suggests that the MS and IMI are regulated at different sites.