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A comparative analysis of configurations of linear Fresnel collectors for concentrating solar power

Montes, María J., Rubbia, Carlo, Abbas, Rubén, Martínez-Val, José M.
Energy 2014 v.73 pp. 192-203
capital, collectors, energy efficiency, shade, solar energy
Linear Fresnel collector arrays present some relevant advantages in the domain of concentrating solar power because of their simplicity, robustness and low capital cost. However, they also present important drawbacks and limitations, notably their average concentration ratio, which seems to limit significantly the performance of these systems.First, the paper addresses the problem of characterizing the mirror field configuration assuming hourly data of a typical year, in reference to a configuration similar to that of Fresdemo. For a proper comparative study, it is necessary to define a comparison criterion. In that sense, a new variable is defined, the useful energy efficiency, which only accounts for the radiation that impinges on the receiver with intensities above a reference value. As a second step, a comparative study between central linear Fresnel reflectors and compact linear Fresnel reflectors is carried out. This analysis shows that compact linear Fresnel reflectors minimize blocking and shading losses compared to a central configuration. However this minimization is not enough to overcome other negative effects of the compact Fresnel collectors, as the greater dispersion of the rays reaching the receiver, caused by the fact that mirrors must be located farther from the receiver, which yields to lower efficiencies.