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Effects of sampling methodology on fish based IBI metrics

Knight, Scott S., Killgore, Jack
Journal of Agriculture and Biodiversity Research 2014 v.3 no.8 pp. 117-125
Environmental Protection Agency, agricultural watersheds, farming systems, fisheries, freshwater fish, limnology, mathematics and statistics, nonpoint source pollution, population ecology, river deltas, rivers, streams, water pollution, water quality, Mississippi
It often difficult to determine the environmental soundness of rivers and streams particularly those that may have been impaired by farming as might be the case in the Mississippi Delta. Analysis of fish data can be simplified by calculating mathematical indices that provide a simple number that indicates an impaired or healthy stream. This research shows that while the index may provide a sound way of measuring stream ecological health the methods used to collect the fish data are always a little biased are not therefore interchangeable. Because the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and U. S. Environmental Protection Agency routinely use the indices this, research will provide necessary information for the proper application of fisheries data when determining stream impairment.