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Furan formation from fatty acids as a result of storage, gamma irradiation, UV-C and heat treatments

Xuetong Fan
Food chemistry 2015 v.175 pp. 439-444
alpha-tocopherol, butylated hydroxyanisole, emulsions, ferric sulfate, food irradiation, food storage, furans, gamma radiation, heat treatment, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, oleic acid, pH, palmitic acid, processed foods, propyl gallate, stearic acid, storage temperature, ultraviolet radiation
The effects of gamma and UV-C irradiation in comparison with thermal processing and storage at 25°C on formation of furan from different fatty acids were investigated. Results showed that furan was generated from polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acid during thermal (120°C, 25min) and UV-C (11.5J/cm2) treatments. Gamma irradiation (up to 20kGy) did not induce formation of significant amounts of furan from any of the fatty acids studied. Storage of unsaturated fatty acid emulsions at 25°C for 3days led to the formation of furan (7–11ng/mL) even without prior thermal or non-thermal treatments. pH significantly impacted furan formation with >3.5times more furan formed at pH 9 than at pHs 3 or 6 during 3days at 25°C. The addition of Trolox, BHA, and propyl gallate had no significant effect on furan formation from linolenic acid while α-tocopherol and FeSO4 promoted furan formation.