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Effect of sorbitan monostearate on the physical characteristics and whipping properties of whipped cream

Zhao, Qiangzhong, Kuang, Wanmei, Long, Zhao, Fang, Min, Liu, Daolin, Yang, Bao, Zhao, Mouming
Food chemistry 2013 v.141 no.3 pp. 1834-1840
creaming, lipids, particle size, particle size distribution, sensory properties, surface proteins, viscosity, whipped cream, whipping, whipping cream
In this work, the effects of sorbitan monostearate (Span 60) level on the particle size distribution, microstructure and apparent viscosity of the emulsion were investigated. Average particle size (d4,3), surface protein concentration, partial coalescence of fat and overrun of whipped cream during whipping were also determined. As Span 60 level increased (0–0.8%) in emulsion, the apparent viscosity was increased gradually, and the particle size range was narrowed, which was also detected by microstructure. A positive effect of whipping time was observed on the average particle size, partial coalescence of fat, surface protein concentration and overrun during whipping, respectively. An increase of Span 60 level resulted in a reduction of d4,3 values and partial coalescence of fat during 0–1min whipping, then increasing after whipping for 2–5min (0.6% Span 60 as the critical level). A negative behaviour was observed between surface protein concentration and Span 60. Moreover, Span 60 could improve the overrun and organoleptic properties of whipped cream efficiently.