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Food Security by Optimal Use of Water: Synthesis of the 6th and 7th World Water Forums and Developments since Then

Steduto, Pasquale, Schultz, Bart, Unver, Olcay, Ota, Shinsuke, Vallee, Domitille, Kulkarni, Suresh, Dagnino‐Johns Garcia, Macarena
Irrigation and drainage 2018 v.67 no.3 pp. 327-344
crops, feeds, food security, prices, urbanization
The world's population is expected to grow from 7.4 billion at present to 10.0 billion by 2055. Combined with the expected rise in living standards, urbanization and growing demands for animal feed and energy from crops, this requires a substantial increase in cereal production to ensure sustainable food security at affordable prices. Overall, global cereal production meets current demand and the global cereal stock is stable. Achieving the required increase in cereal production seems to be possible. The contributors to the Theme Contribute to Food Security by Optimal Use of Water of the 6th World Water Forum (WWF6) identified nine targets that address the relevant aspects. They reviewed existing and future needs, as well as existing and potential solutions to reach the targets. The contributors to the Theme Water for Food of the 7th World Water Forum (WWF7) elaborated on this work and focused more on the progress so far as well as on issues related to implementation, and formulated a goal and eight objectives to be achieved. This paper presents a summarized overview of key issues, findings, targets, objectives, solutions and recommendations of WWF6 and WWF7 with respect to water for food, while taking into account developments since then and updated data. Copyright © 2018 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.