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Untargeted voltammetric approaches for characterization of oxidation patterns in white wines

Gonzalez, Asael, Vidal, Stephane, Ugliano, Maurizio
Food chemistry 2018 v.269 pp. 1-8
electrochemistry, oxidation, oxygen, oxygen consumption, white wines
Chemical and electrochemical changes associated with controlled oxidation were measured in thirteen commercial white wines, in order to evaluate the potential of linear sweep voltammetry to provide relevant information on the oxidative behavior of individual wines. For a given amount of oxygen consumed, substantial diversity of oxidative behaviors was observed. A good correlation (R2 = 0.69) was observed between the rate of O2 consumption of individual wines and the total charged passed during linear sweep voltammetry, but not with their Folin-Ciocalteu values. Onset potential of anodic oxidation was also related to oxygen consumption capacity of wine, indicating an important contribution of easily oxidizable substrates. Subtraction of voltammograms of oxidized wines from their corresponding non-oxidized controls generated new voltammograms representative of the global changes induced by oxidation. These new voltammograms contained several features related to oxygen consumption rates of each wine, and could be considered as a ‘wine oxidation signature’.