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Influence of temperature and artificially-created physical barriers on the efficacy of synergized pyrethrin aerosol

Kabita Kharel, Frank H. Arthur, Kun Yan Zhu, James F. Campbell, Bhadriraju Subramanyam
Journal of stored products research 2015 v.60 pp. 36-42
Tribolium confusum, adults, aerosols, equipment, flour, pupae, pyrethrins, sheds, storage insects, temperature, toxicity, United States
The dispersal of aerosol insecticides within a flour mill may be hampered by barriers created from machinery and other equipment that block dispersion. Additionally, seasonal temperature variations may influence aerosol dispersion and subsequent effectiveness against stored product insects. The influence of barriers and temperatures on the efficacy of synergized pyrethrin aerosol against adults and pupae of the confused flour beetle, Tribolium confusum (Jacquelin du Val), was evaluated in experimental sheds. Insects were exposed to the aerosol at target temperatures of 22, 27, and 32 °C. Wooden boxes 1 m in length, 20 cm in width, and 5, 10, or 20 cm in height were used for creating different open and concealed areas for exposing insects. Results showed that exposing adults of T. confusum in open areas produced more moribund adults (those knocked down and unable to move except for reflex twitching or unable to respond when touched with a probe) at all temperatures, while survival increased with increasing distance from the front to the back of the boxes. Given the decreased survival, it would appear that more aerosol dispersed under the box height of 20 cm compared to 5 and 10 cm box heights because survival was generally less under the 20 cm box compared to the other two. Less than 2% of the pupae exposed in the open emerged as adults, but as the distance increased from the front to the back of the box adult emergence from these exposed pupae increased. Synergized pyrethrin aerosol can provide good control of T. confusum pupae and adults and may not be affected by seasonal temperature variations, but aerosol dispersion into obstructed or concealed areas may affect control.