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Encapsulation of natural active compounds, enzymes, and probiotics for fruit juice fortification, preservation, and processing: An overview

Ephrem, Elissa, Najjar, Amal, Charcosset, Catherine, Greige-Gerges, Hélène
Journal of functional foods 2018 v.48 pp. 65-84
active ingredients, anti-infective agents, beverages, encapsulation, enzymes, fruit juices, lactose free diet, probiotics, raw fruit, shelf life, solubility, vitamins
Fruit juices are low-fat, non-alcoholic, lactose-free, and nutritious beverages that are highly desired by consumers. However, fruit juices undergo microbial, enzymatic, and chemical deterioration, which shortens their shelf-life. The demand for healthy fresh fruit juice has encouraged the use of natural agents (such as antimicrobials, vitamins, anti-browning agents, and probiotics) for the protection and fortification of freshly squeezed juices. However, the use of these bioactive agents is limited by their low aqueous solubility, and/or physico-chemical instability, especially in acidic food products. Therefore, their incorporation into encapsulation systems to improve their stability and activity has been considered. This is a review of the literature on the characteristics and efficiency of delivery systems that can be used to load and deliver natural agents designed to be used in fruit juices.