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Recyclable ferromagnetic chitosan nanozyme for decomposing phenol

Jiang, Jianfang, He, Chunyang, Wang, Sen, Jiang, Hao, Li, Jida, Li, Linshan
Carbohydrate polymers 2018 v.198 pp. 348-353
aqueous solutions, catalytic activity, chitosan, hot water treatment, hydrogen peroxide, industrial applications, nanoparticles, pH, particle size, phenol, temperature, zeta potential
Decomposing phenol and phenolic compounds to purify the environment is a focus of social attention. The use of ferromagnetic nanoparticles (MNP) to degrade phenol and phenolic compounds possesses many advantages and has received extensive attention. However, the unsatisfied catalyst activity and stability of MNP hamper its industrial applications. To improve MNP’s properties, a ferromagnetic chitosan nanozyme (MNP@CTS) was synthesized via an improved hydrothermal method and molecular self-assembly technology. Its particle size was 11.76 nm, polydispersity index (PDI) was 0.073, surface zeta potential was 40.34 mV, saturation magnetization value was 35.28 emu g−1 and coercivity value was 17.56 Oe. The catalytic condition was extensively optimized among a range of pH and temperature, as well as initial concentrations of the substrate and H2O2, and MNP@CTS removed over 95% phenol from an aqueous solution within 5 h under the optimum conditions. Moreover, MNP@CTS was stable and could be regenerated for reuse for at least ten rounds. Thus, our findings open up a wide spectrum and lay a foundation of environmental friendly applications of MNP@CTS, showing several attractive features, such as easy preparation, low cost, excellent catalytic activity, good stability and reusability.