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Carrageenan based hydrogels for drug delivery, tissue engineering and wound healing

Yegappan, Ramanathan, Selvaprithiviraj, Vignesh, Amirthalingam, Sivashanmugam, Jayakumar, R.
Carbohydrate polymers 2018 v.198 pp. 385-400
biobased products, carrageenan, cartilage, drug delivery systems, drug formulations, drugs, glycosaminoglycans, hydrogels, medicine, tissue engineering
Carrageenan is a class of naturally occurring sulphated polysaccharides, which is currently a promising candidate in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine as it resemblances native glycosaminoglycans. From pharmaceutical drug formulations to tissue engineered scaffolds, carrageenan has broad range of applications. Here we provide an overview of developing various forms of carrageenan based hydrogels. We focus on how these fabrication processes has an effect on physiochemical properties of the hydrogel. We outline the application of these hydrogels not only pertaining to sustained drug release but also their application in bone and cartilage tissue engineering as well as in wound healing and antimicrobial formulations. Administration of these hydrogels through various routes for drug delivery applications has been critically reviewed. Finally, we conclude by summarizing the current and future outlook that promotes the seaweed-derived polysaccharide as versatile, promising biomaterial for a variety of bioengineering applications.