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Multiscale and Multiphase Model of Fixed-Bed Reactors for Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis: Optimization Study

Stamenić, Marko, Dikić, Vladimir, Mandić, Miloš, Todić, Branislav, Bukur, Dragomir B., Nikačević, Nikola M.
Industrial & engineering chemistry process design and development 2018 v.57 no.9 pp. 3149-3162
Fischer-Tropsch reaction, carbon monoxide, catalysts, hydrogen, mathematical models, methane, particle size, process design, temperature
Our previously developed mathematical model is used for parametric sensitivity and optimization study of conventional and milliscale fixed-bed reactors (FBRs) for Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS). Five indicators are chosen to analyze the influence of eight parameters on the FBRs’ performance. The results show the scale of the effects caused by changing single parameter values and highlight the most important ones. Subsequently, the model is used to perform a rigorous multivariable optimization of the FBRs’ performance in the steady state. Three optimization functions are used, depicting different reactor costs. Four design parameters (tube length and diameter, particle diameter, and catalyst layer thickness) and five operating parameters (inlet and wall temperature, inlet pressure, H₂/CO ratio, velocity) are optimized simultaneously. The results indicate that optimal results, in terms of reactor design and operating parameters and FBR performance, highly depend on the selected objective function and values of constrained parameters (especially methane selectivity and the partial pressure of water).