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A Novel Hierarchical RuNi/Al2O3–Carbon Nanotubes/Ni Foam Catalyst for Selective Removal of CO in H2-Rich Fuels

Ping, Dan, Dong, Chaojie, Zhao, Hua, Dong, Xinfa
Industrial & engineering chemistry process design and development 2018 v.57 no.16 pp. 5558-5567
catalysts, catalytic activity, durability, foams, fuel cells, fuels, hydrogen, methane production, nanoparticles, nanotubes, nickel, process design, surface area, temperature, thermal conductivity, thermal stability
A novel hierarchical RuNi/Al₂O₃–carbon nanotube/Ni foam (RuNi/Al₂O₃–CNTs/NF) catalyst is prepared from a RuNiAl-layered double hydroxide/CNTs/NF (RuLDH/CNTs/NF) precursor and applied in CO selective methanation (CO-SMET) for hydrogen purification. Results show that the RuNi/Al₂O₃–CNTs/NF hierarchical catalyst has an excellent catalytic performance toward CO-SMET (i.e., CO outlet concentration less than 10 ppm and CO-SMET selectivity greater than 50%) over a wide reaction temperature window of 190–250 °C. Furthermore, this catalyst also shows good catalytic stability during a long-term durability test (120 h). The excellent catalytic performance is mainly attributed to the high specific surface area and superior electronic conductivity of CNTs, the highly dispersed and thermally stable RuNi nanoparticles from the RuLDH precursor, and the good thermal conductivity of the NF substrate. Such a hierarchically structured catalyst proposed herein may open a new window in the efficient hydrogen purification for fuel cells and can be a promising material in other structure-sensitive reactions.