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Genetic diversity and population structure of worldwide eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) germplasm using SSR markers

Liu, Jun, Yang, Yan, Zhou, Xiaohui, Bao, Shengyou, Zhuang, Yong
Genetic resources and crop evolution 2018 v.65 no.6 pp. 1663-1670
Solanum melongena, alleles, breeding programs, domestication, eggplants, genetic variation, germplasm, microsatellite repeats, population structure, provenance
Two hundred and eighty-seven worldwide eggplant accessions were examined for genetic diversity and population structure analysis with 45 SSR markers. The results resolved 242 alleles across all the accessions. Gene diversity ranged from 0.104 to 0.832 with an average of 0.558. Polymorphic information content ranged from 0.102 to 0.815 with an average of 0.507. The genetic diversity analysis classified all accessions into four groups, and the data showed that gene exchanges occurred in two groups during germplasm introduction, domestication, and improvement; however, the frequency was low. Population structure analysis classified 269 accessions into two subgroups, and the remaining 18 accessions were defined as admixed. The accessions from the same geographic origin tend to be clustered into same group. These results provide new insights into the exploitation of genetic diversity of germplasm for eggplant breeding program.