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Effect of Xanthan Gum/Soybean Fiber Ratio in the Batter on Oil Absorption and Quality Attributes of Fried Breaded Fish Nuggets

Shan, Jinhui, Chen, Jiwang, Xie, Dan, Xia, Wenshui, Xu, Wei, Xiong, Youling L.
Journal of food science 2018 v.83 no.7 pp. 1832-1838
absorption, batters, chewiness, color, fish, hardness, lipid content, oils, soybeans, water content, xanthan gum
Xanthan gum (XG) and soybean fiber (SF) at varying ratios were incorporated into the batter to inhibit oil absorption in fried battered and breaded fish nuggets (BBFNs). BBFNs were prepared with 1.2% XG and SF blends (at ratios 1:3, 1:2, 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 w/w), fried at 170 °C (40 s) followed by 190 °C (30 s), then evaluated for pickup, oil absorption, textural characteristics, and other quality attributes. Compared with the control (without the addition of XG and SF), fried BBFNs prepared with XD and SF had a significantly reduced fat content (P < 0.05). Among all the treatments, fried BBFNs with a 1:2 w/w ratio of XG and SF had the lowest fat content in the crust and the core (16.2% and 0.6%, respectively) and the highest moisture content. When compared with other treatments, the 1:2 w/w treatment group displayed a more intense golden yellow color, higher crispness, lower hardness, and a more compact structure in the crust, a greater elasticity and chewiness of the core, and the least oil penetration. The results proved that the combined addition of XG and SF in the batter can effectively inhibit oil absorption, which may be used to guide the production of low‐fat fried BBFNs. PRACTICAL APPLICATION: This study clearly showed that the combined addition of XG and SF at different ratios in the batter significantly affected fat content and quality attributes of fried BBFNs. The inhibition of oil absorption and improvement of color and textural characteristics in fried BBFNs depended on the XG/SF ratio added to the batter, and a 1:2 w/w ratio was found to produce the maximum enhancement.