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Nanocrystal-based electrochemiluminescence sensor for cell detection with Au nanoparticles and isothermal circular double-assisted signal amplification

Dai, Pan-Pan, Li, Jin-Yi, Yu, Tao, Xu, Jing-Juan, Chen, Hong-Yuan
Talanta 2015 v.141 pp. 97-102
DNA, electrochemiluminescence, glycoproteins, gold, magnetism, nanocrystals, nanogold, neoplasm cells, neoplasms, nucleotide sequences, oligonucleotides, polymerization
Here we have developed a sensitive cancer cell amplified detection method which combined Au NPs enhanced electrochemiluminescence (ECL) of CdS nanocrystals (NCs) film, with isothermal circular amplification reaction of polymerase. In DNA circular amplification detection system, hairpin DNA beacon/Au NPs composite modified CdS NCs film was used as an ECL emitter. Messenger DNA is hybridized with the aptamer modified on magnetic beads (MBs) to form MB–Au bioconjugates. In the presence of HL-60 cell, the aptamer would conjugate with the glycoprotein at cell surface and messenger DNA sequence would be released. The released messenger DNA sequence was then introduced into the cycle amplification system to trigger circular polymerizations. This assay allows us to determine the released messenger DNA equivalent to 10 cells and exhibits a significant specificity for HL-60 cells.