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Genetic variability of faba bean genotypes for chocolate spot (Botrytis fabae) resistance and yield

Beyene, Asnakech T., Derera, John, Sibiya, Julia
Euphytica 2018 v.214 no.8 pp. 132
Botrytis fabae, Vicia faba, agronomic traits, chocolate spot disease, cultivars, disease control, disease course, disease outbreaks, disease resistance, faba beans, fungi, genetic variation, genotype, landraces, leaves, pathogens, phenotypic selection, small-scale farming, soil fertility, Ethiopia
Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) has high utility as a food and soil fertility improving crop. One of the major fungal pathogens of faba bean is Botrytis fabae, the causative agent of chocolate spot. The disease affects significantly the leaf, stem, pod and seed of faba bean compromise its productivity in the smallholder farming sector. Nonetheless, there are limited resistant/tolerant faba bean varieties available and disease control technology options. Therefore, it was prudent to evaluate faba bean landraces for chocolate spot resistance. Fifty landraces together with ten improved varieties were evaluated both in the field and in the greenhouse under natural and artificial inoculation with previously selected aggressive Botrytis fabae isolate (Iso-016) from West Gojjam, in Ethiopia. There were highly significant differences (pā€‰<ā€‰0.001) among the landraces for reaction to the disease and agronomic traits. Significant positive correlation was recorded between reaction of genotypes in the field and greenhouse disease data. The overall mean disease epidemics varied from 92.5 to 697.5 for the area under disease progress curve (AUDPC). The highest level of resistance was found in the ICARDA lines, ILB-4726, ILB-938 and BPL-710. Of all 18 landrace collections displayed significantly lower disease reaction than the susceptible check. However the resistance was moderate. The selected eighteen landraces will be recommended for use in breeding for chocolate resistance. Overall, resistance was highly heritable, suggesting that phenotypic selection can be exploited to improve chocolate spot resistance in faba bean varieties.