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Dynamic assessment of island ecological security under urbanization: a case study of Pingtan Island in the Southeast Coast of China

Gao, Sheng, Sun, Huihui, Cao, Guangxi, Zhao, Lin, Wang, Runjie, Xu, Min
Environmental earth sciences 2018 v.77 no.14 pp. 531
case studies, coasts, environmental assessment, islands, issues and policy, principal component analysis, urbanization, China
The ecological security status of Pingtan Island (PI) from 2005 to 2011 is evaluated dynamically. Results show that the ecological status of PI is increasing, and the quality of its environment is constantly optimized, especially during 2009–2012. Principal component analysis is used to analyze the driving forces of the ecological security of PI. The driving force, status, and response of PI determine its ecological security. The effect was evident in 2011. The trend of principal component synthetic score is consistent with that of the ecological security dynamic map of PI. This study can enrich the empirical case and the relevant theoretical system of environment assessment in the island. Meanwhile, it can provide reference for the evaluation methods of ecological security status of the same kind of islands at home and abroad as well as the optimal control policies.