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A randomized, controlled field study to assess the efficacy and safety of lotilaner (Credelio™) in controlling fleas in client-owned cats in Europe

Cavalleri, Daniela, Murphy, Martin, Seewald, Wolfgang, Nanchen, Steve
Parasites & vectors 2018 v.11 no.1 pp. 410
Siphonaptera, cats, dogs, ectoparasiticides, flea allergy dermatitis, flea control, geometry, households, pruritus, ticks, veterinary clinics, France, Spain
BACKGROUND: Lotilaner is a new isoxazoline developed as an oral ectoparasiticide for cats and dogs. Its safety, rapid killing onset of action and sustained speed of fleas and ticks kill for a minimum of one month after administration, were demonstrated in a number of laboratory studies in cats. This study was performed to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of lotilaner flavored chewable tablets for cats (Credelio™, Elanco) in controlling fleas under field conditions in European countries. METHODS: Seventeen veterinary practices in France and Spain, located in high flea prevalence regions, participated in the study. Households with a maximum of three cats and two dogs were randomized 2:1 to a lotilaner (minimum dose rate 6 mg/kg) or a topical fipronil/(S)-methoprene combination (Frontline Combo® Spot-on Cats, Merial) group (administered according to label). In each household, efficacy against fleas and flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) signs were assessed in one primary cat (bearing a minimum of five fleas on Day 0) while safety was evaluated in all cats. There were 121 households included in the lotilaner and 61 in the fipronil/(S)-methoprene groups, respectively. Treatments were administered by the cats’ owners on Day 0. Flea counts and FAD assessments were made on Days 0, 14, and 28. Efficacy calculations were based on geometric mean percent reductions of live flea counts versus baseline pre-treatment counts. RESULTS: Lotilaner efficacy was 97.2 and 98.1% on Days 14 and 28, respectively. Corresponding efficacy for fipronil/(S)-methoprene was 48.3 and 46.4%. Lotilaner was superior to fipronil/(S)-methoprene at all post-Day 0 assessments and over the whole study period (P < 0.0001). At every post-administration evaluation, at least 81% of lotilaner-treated cats were flea-free as opposed to 25% in the fipronil/(S)-methoprene group. Lotilaner improved or eliminated clinical signs of FAD, including pruritus. Both products were well tolerated. CONCLUSIONS: Under field conditions in Europe, lotilaner flavored chewable tablets for cats displayed an efficacy against fleas higher than 97%; clinical signs of FAD were improved or eliminated. Lotilaner tablets were safe and provided superior flea control to fipronil/(S)-methoprene.