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Effects of water deficit on breadmaking quality and storage protein compositions in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Zhou, Jiaxing, Liu, Dongmiao, Deng, Xiong, Zhen, Shoumin, Wang, Zhimin, Yan, Yueming
Journal of the science of food and agriculture 2018 v.98 no.11 pp. 4357-4368
Triticum aestivum, breadmaking quality, dough, filling period, gene expression regulation, gliadin, gluten, glutenins, grain yield, protein content, proteome, proteomics, quantitative polymerase chain reaction, starch granules, storage proteins, transcription (genetics), transcription factors, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, ultra-performance liquid chromatography, viscoelasticity, wheat
BACKGROUND: Water deficiency affects grain proteome dynamics and storage protein compositions, resulting in changes in gluten viscoelasticity. In this study, the effects of field water deficit on wheat breadmaking quality and grain storage proteins were investigated. RESULTS: Water deficiency produced a shorter grain‐filling period, a decrease in grain number, grain weight and grain yield, a reduced starch granule size and increased protein content and glutenin macropolymer contents, resulting in superior dough properties and breadmaking quality. Reverse phase ultra‐performance liquid chromatography analysis showed that the total gliadin and glutenin content and the accumulation of individual components were significantly increased by water deficiency. Two‐dimensional gel electrophoresis detected 144 individual storage protein spots with significant accumulation changes in developing grains under water deficit. Comparative proteomic analysis revealed that water deficiency resulted in significant upregulation of 12 gliadins, 12 high‐molecular‐weight glutenin subunits and 46 low‐molecular‐weight glutenin subunits. Quantitative real‐time polymerase chain reaction analysis revealed that the expression of storage protein biosynthesis‐related transcription factors Dof and Spa was upregulated by water deficiency. CONCLUSION: The present results illustrated that water deficiency leads to increased accumulation of storage protein components and upregulated expression of Dof and Spa, resulting in an improvement in glutenin strength and breadmaking quality. © 2018 Society of Chemical Industry