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Canonical Wnt signaling acts synergistically on BMP9-induced osteo/odontoblastic differentiation of stem cells of dental apical papilla (SCAPs)

Zhang, Hongmei, Wang, Jinhua, Deng, Fang, Huang, Enyi, Yan, Zhengjian, Wang, Zhongliang, Deng, Youlin, Zhang, Qian, Zhang, Zhonglin, Ye, Jixing, Qiao, Min, Li, Ruifang, Wang, Jing, Wei, Qiang, Zhou, Guolin, Luu, Hue H., Haydon, Rex C., He, Tong-Chuan, Deng, Feng
Biomaterials 2015 v.39 pp. 145-154
alkaline phosphatase, beta catenin, bone formation, engineering, mice, mineralization, osteocalcin, osteopontin, stem cells, tooth pulp
Dental pulp/dentin regeneration using dental stem cells combined with odontogenic factors may offer great promise to treat and/or prevent premature tooth loss. Here, we investigate if BMP9 and Wnt/β-catenin act synergistically on odontogenic differentiation. Using the immortalized SCAPs (iSCAPs) isolated from mouse apical papilla tissue, we demonstrate that Wnt3A effectively induces early osteogenic marker alkaline phosphatase (ALP) in iSCAPs, which is reduced by β-catenin knockdown. While Wnt3A and BMP9 enhance each other's ability to induce ALP activity in iSCAPs, silencing β-catenin significantly diminishes BMP9-induced osteo/odontogenic differentiation. Furthermore, silencing β-catenin reduces BMP9-induced expression of osteocalcin and osteopontin and in vitro matrix mineralization of iSCAPs. In vivo stem cell implantation assay reveals that while BMP9-transduced iSCAPs induce robust ectopic bone formation, iSCAPs stimulated with both BMP9 and Wnt3A exhibit more mature and highly mineralized trabecular bone formation. However, knockdown of β-catenin in iSCAPs significantly diminishes BMP9 or BMP9/Wnt3A-induced ectopic bone formation in vivo. Thus, our results strongly suggest that β-catenin may play an important role in BMP9-induced osteo/ondontogenic signaling and that BMP9 and Wnt3A may act synergistically to induce osteo/odontoblastic differentiation of iSCAPs. It's conceivable that BMP9 and/or Wnt3A may be explored as efficacious biofactors for odontogenic regeneration and tooth engineering.