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Effect of process operating conditions in the biomass torrefaction: A simulation study using one-dimensional reactor and process model

Park, Chansaem, Zahid, Umer, Lee, Sangho, Han, Chonghun
Energy 2015 v.79 pp. 127-139
biomass, energy, heat, kinetics, models, process design, temperature profiles, torrefaction
Torrefaction reactor model is required for the development of reactor and process design for biomass torrefaction. In this study, a one-dimensional reactor model is developed based on the kinetic model describing volatiles components and solid evolution and the existing thermochemical model considering the heat and mass balance. The developed reactor model used the temperature and flow rate of the recycled gas as the practical manipulated variables instead of the torrefaction temperature. The temperature profiles of the gas and solid phase were generated, depending on the practical thermal conditions, using developed model. Moreover, the effect of each selected operating variables on the parameters of the torrefaction process and the effect of whole operating variables with particular energy yield were analyzed. Through the results of sensitivity analysis, it is shown that the residence time insignificantly influenced the energy yield when the flow rate of recycled gas is low. Moreover, higher temperature of recycled gas with low flow rate and residence time produces the attractive properties, including HHV and grindability, of torrefied biomass when the energy yield is specified.