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Forecasting solar radiation using an optimized hybrid model by Cuckoo Search algorithm

Wang, Jianzhou, Jiang, He, Wu, Yujie, Dong, Yao
Energy 2015 v.81 pp. 627-644
algorithms, clean energy, energy, methodology, neural networks, pruning, solar energy, solar radiation, United States
Due to energy crisis and environmental problems, it is very urgent to find alternative energy sources nowadays. Solar energy, as one of the great potential clean energies, has widely attracted the attention of researchers. In this paper, an optimized hybrid method by CS (Cuckoo Search) on the basis of the OP-ELM (Optimally Pruned Extreme Learning Machine), called CS-OP-ELM, is developed to forecast clear sky and real sky global horizontal radiation. First, MRSR (Multiresponse Sparse Regression) and LOO-CV (leave-one-out cross-validation) can be applied to rank neurons and prune the possibly meaningless neurons of the FFNN (Feed Forward Neural Network), respectively. Then, Direct strategy and Direct-Recursive strategy based on OP-ELM are introduced to build a hybrid model. Furthermore, CS (Cuckoo Search) optimized algorithm is employed to determine the proper weight coefficients. In order to verify the effectiveness of the developed method, hourly solar radiation data from six sites of the United States has been collected, and methods like ARMA (Autoregression moving average), BP (Back Propagation) neural network and OP-ELM can be compared with CS-OP-ELM. Experimental results show the optimized hybrid method CS-OP-ELM has the best forecasting performance.