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Model for estimating the energy yield of a high concentrator photovoltaic system

Fernández, Eduardo F., Pérez-Higueras, P., Almonacid, F., Ruiz-Arias, J.A., Rodrigo, P., Fernandez, J.I., Luque-Heredia, I.
Energy 2015 v.87 pp. 77-85
energy, markets, models, prediction, solar collectors, temperature, Spain
The prediction of the energy yield of HCPV (high concentrator photovoltaic) systems is crucial to evaluate the potential and promote the market expansion of HCPV technology. Currently, there is a lack of experience in the modelling of these kinds of systems due to the special features of such technology. In this work, a practical model based on simple mathematical expressions and atmospheric parameters is introduced. The proposed model takes into account the main important parameters which influence the output of a HCPV system such as cell temperature, spectrum and efficiency of the inverter and other losses of the BOS (balance of system). The results obtained are validated using the data of a HCPV installation located at the University of Jaen in southern Spain and monitored daily every minute since 2011. The model accurately predicts the monthly energy yield with a deviation ranging from 4.07% to −0.47% and the annual final energy yield with a deviation of 0.9%.