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A validation of computational fluid dynamics temperature distribution prediction in a pulverized coal boiler with acoustic temperature measurement

Modliński, Norbert, Madejski, Pawel, Janda, Tomasz, Szczepanek, Krzysztof, Kordylewski, Wlodzimierz
Energy 2015 v.92 pp. 77-86
acoustics, boilers, coal, combustion, fluid mechanics, furnaces, models, prediction, temperature
The main objective of this work was to examine the capability of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) on properly predicting temperature distribution in the combustion chamber. Numerous approaches were employed to verify CFD models of large-scale utility boilers. Furnace Exit Gas Temperature is one of the key values used for verification studies. Harsh environment and large dimensions inside the furnace make temperature measurement a complex task. Traditionally used suction pyrometry provides only local information. With this technique, while extremely accurate, it is practically impossible to obtain a representative temperature distribution at the furnace exit as measurements in different locations are not taken at the same time. Acoustic Pyrometry technique is the most appropriate for comprehensive CFD flame shape prediction verification. Not only average temperature value in a certain boiler cross-section can be continuously measured but also its complete two-dimensional distribution. CFD code was used to simulate the OP-650 front-fired boiler operation. The boiler is equipped with Acoustic Gas Temperature Measuring system located in a horizontal plane approximately 4 m under the furnace exit. Comparison of simulation results with measurements proves good accuracy of CFD results.