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An overview of the substance of Resource, Conservation and Recycling

Tseng, Ming Lang, Wong, Wai Peng, Soh, Keng Lin
Resources, conservation, and recycling 2018 v.136 pp. 367-375
European Union, attitudes and opinions, biotechnology, human behavior, humans, issues and policy, landfills, recycling, wastes
The objective of this review is to provide an overview of the substance of the Resource, Conservation and Recycling journal. The four domains of Hierarchy of Waste, Recycling, Human Behaviour and Legal Influence populate the journal. The journal articles predominantly dwell on mid-level of the hierarchy reflecting Recycling. The recycling articles are varied and are associated with biotechnology, industrial technology, and human attitudes and behaviour. The European Union’s (EU) Waste and Landfill Directives cast a considerable influence on national and municipal recycling policies and laws. This legal-geostrategic impactful research focus should be sustained because they have a deep and wide bearing at regional, national, municipal and community levels. This overview also reveals human behaviour is a strategic domain because of the enduring effects of both poor and good recycling habits. However, the success of moving waste management strategies up the hierarchy seems elusive. This journal exhibits strategic research attributes in addition to the journal’s objectives of operational recycling transformation processes. This overview suggests developing waste management habits and the DFX research mindset. It concludes with recycling dilemma.