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Process optimization for the rapid production of adenoviral vectors for clinical trials in a disposable bioreactor system

Chen, Ke-Da, Wu, Xiao-Xin, Yu, Dong-Shan, Ou, Hui-Lin, Li, Yan-Hua, Zhou, Yu-Qing, Li, Lan-Juan
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 2018 v.102 no.15 pp. 6469-6477
bioreactors, cell culture, clinical trials, genetic vectors, guanosine monophosphate, immunotherapy, industrial applications, manufacturing, protocols, vaccine development, virion, viruses
Recombinant adenoviral (Ad) vectors are highly efficient gene transfer vectors widely used in vaccine development and immunotherapy. To promote the industrial application of Ad vectors, studies focusing on reducing the cost of manufacturing, shortening the preclinical research period, and improving the quality of products are needed. Here, we describe a highly efficient and economical process for producing Ad vector in a novel, single-use bioreactor system suitable for clinical trials. A mini-bioreactor was used for parameter optimization and development of medium replacement protocols for Ad5-GFP production before scale-up. HEK293 cell culture and virus infection were monitored in a disposable AmProtein Current Perfusion Bioreactor and Bioflo310 bioreactor using optimized parameters and medium replacement protocols. The total cell number increased from 2.0 × 10⁹ to 3.2 × 10¹⁰ after 6 days of culture. The total number of viral particles obtained in a single batch was 1.2 × 10¹⁵. These results demonstrate the efficiency and suitability of this system for Ad vector production for research and GMP applications.