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Effect of physical interactions on structure of lysozyme in presence of three kinds of polysaccharides

Xu, Wei, Jin, Weiping, Wang, Yuan, Li, Juan, Huang, Kunling, Shah, Bakht Ramin, Li, Bin
Journal of food science and technology 2018 v.55 no.8 pp. 3056-3064
food preservation, functional properties, heat treatment, inulin, kappa carrageenan, konjac mannan, lysozyme, spectroscopy, temperature
In this work the influences of κ-carrageenan (CRG), konjac glucomannan (KGM) and inulin on lysozyme (Ly)’s structure, activity, and their complex phase behavior were investigated through spectroscopy and activity measurement in heated and unheated conditions. It was found that the impact on the structure and activity of Ly was determined by the interactions with polysaccharides. After heat treatment, KGM and CRG improved the stability of complex systems. However, inulin did not have significant impact. Heating process promoted to change the structure of Ly, and the intervention retard following the sequence of CRG > KGM > inulin. The worthwhile work indicated protein’s structure and activity could be regulated by the interaction with polysaccharide, which might provide theoretical basis for food preservation and processing in different temperature treatments. Besides, the bidirectional effects of polysaccharide on protein would be beneficial to rational selection of functional properties of polysaccharide/protein systems.