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Irradiation of semen doses with LED‐based red light in a photo chamber does not improve in vitro quality of thermically stressed boar spermatozoa

Luther, A, Le Thi, X, Schäfer, J, Schulze, M, Waberski, D
Reproduction in domestic animals 2018 v.53 no.4 pp. 1016-1019
boars, herds, irradiation, mitochondria, red light, reproductive performance, semen, sows, sperm quality, storage temperature, thawing
Recent reports indicate that stimulation of liquid‐stored boar semen with red LED‐based light improves sperm quality and reproductive performance in sow herds. So far, in vitro data after LED stimulation of whole semen doses are lacking. In this study, the effect of LED light exposure on the in vitro quality of boar spermatozoa after storage and thermic incubation was examined. Boar semen doses were stored at 17°C (n = 10) or 5°C (n = 6) in Beltsville Thawing Solution extender and then exposed to red LED light using a commercial photo chamber. During a subsequent long‐term incubation at 38°C, neither sperm kinematic parameters nor mitochondria function or membrane integrity differed between control and treated samples (p > .05). It is concluded that stimulation of semen doses in the LED‐photo chamber does not improve quality of thermically stressed boar sperm in vitro. Other than the sperm traits tested here might be involved in the previously reported improvement of in vivo fertility.