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Peroxidase-mediated conjugation of corn fiber gum and bovine serum albumin to improve emulsifying properties

Yan Liu, Shuang Qiu, Jinlong Li, Hao Chen, Eizo Tatsumi, Madhav Yadav, Lijun Yin
Carbohydrate polymers 2015 v.118 pp. 70-78
arabinoxylan, bovine serum albumin, corn, crosslinking, emulsifiers, emulsifying properties, emulsions, food industry, ionic strength, pH, peroxidase, polymers, zeta potential
The emulsifying properties of corn fiber gum (CFG), a naturally occurring polysaccharide–protein complex, was improved by kinetically controlled formation of hetero-covalent linkages with bovine serum albumin (BSA), using horseradish peroxidase (HRP). The formation of hetero-crosslinked CFG–BSA conjugates was confirmed using ultraviolet–visible and Fourier-transform infrared analyses. The optimum CFG–BSA conjugates were prepared at a CFG:BSA weight ratio of 10:1, and peroxidase:BSA weight ratio of 1:4000. Selected CFG–BSA conjugates were used to prepare oil-in-water emulsions; the emulsifying properties were better than those of emulsions stabilized with only CFG or BSA. Measurements of mean droplet sizes and zeta potentials showed that CFG–BSA-conjugate-stabilized emulsions were less susceptible to environmental stresses, such as pH changes, high K ionic strengths, and freeze–thaw treatments than CFG- or BSA-stabilized emulsions. These conjugates have potential applications as novel emulsifiers in food industry.