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Thermophysical study of the furan family

Lomba, Laura, Aznar, Isabel, Gascón, Ignacio, Lafuente, Carlos, Giner, Beatriz
Thermochimica acta 2015 v.617 pp. 54-64
atmospheric pressure, chemical structure, refractive index, surface tension, temperature, vapor pressure, viscosity
The dynamic viscosity, speed of sound, surface tension, density, refractive index, and static permittivity of furan, 2-methylfuran and 2,5-dimethylfuran have been obtained at temperatures from 278.15 to 338.15K under atmospheric pressure, although for furan the temperature range have been 278.15–303.15K. The vapour pressure has been determined over a temperature range from 283.16K to 366.70K. Besides, the pρT behavior has been also measured using a high-pressure, high-temperature vibrating tube densimeter over a pressure range from 0.1MPa to 60.0MPa and a temperature range from 283.15K to 338.15K. However, in the case of furan, the densities have been measured at the pressure of 0.1MPa only in the temperature range 283.15–303.15K. Furthermore, some derived properties such as isobaric expansibilities, isothermal compressibilities, molar refraction, isentropic compressibilities or dipolar moment have been calculated using the experimental data. At the end, a comparative study has been carried out taking into account the molecular structure of the chemicals investigated.