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Nouveau référentiel : « Qualité des processus restauration-nutrition en établissement de santé, médico-social et d’hospitalisation à domicile (HAD) »

Szekely, Carol, Agnetti, Richard, Binet-Decamps, Véronique, Bizet, Caroline
Nutrition clinique et métabolisme 2015 v.29 no.4 pp. 234-237
nutritional status, patients, politics, professionals, France
The improvement of the nutritional status of the patients and the residents constitutes a major stake for the sanitary establishments among which the home medical care and the medico-social institutions, in France as well as in Europe. A new reference table of assessment of the quality of the restoration-nutrition processes was developed by the Assistance publique–Hôpitaux de Paris (AP–HP), with the will to commit its establishments in a transverse approach, not limited to the care units. This tool is also proposed in establishments different from AP–HP by the head office of the offer of care (DGOS). It offers the opportunity to all the establishments to estimate the organizational best practice of the processes of restoration and nutritional care. It is structured in four big parts: politics and piloting, restoration, nutritional care, safety and regulations. It allows assessing all the activities of the restoration-nutrition processes by the professionals of the establishment directly or indirectly involved in the latter.