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Impaired executive functioning influences verbal memory in anorexia nervosa

Oltra-Cucarella, J., Rojo Moreno, L., Arribas Sáiz, P., Sanguesa García, C., Latorre Paniagua, P., Hidalgo Muñoz, E., Rojo Bofill, L.
Eating behaviors 2015 v.16 pp. 47-53
anorexia nervosa, body mass index, cognition, females, information processing, memory, regression analysis, variance
How executive functioning affects delayed verbal recall in AN has never been tested. We investigated the influence of speed of information processing (SIP) and inhibition on delayed verbal recall in females with AN.Measures of SIP and inhibition from 35 females with AN were analyzed using hierarchical multiple regression after controlling for age, depressive symptomatology and body mass index. Each predictor was evaluated using structure coefficients, common variance and dominance weights.The combination of measures of SIP and inhibition accounted for almost 80% of the variance on the delayed recall of the story recall task. When the rest of the variables were partialled out, SIP and inhibition accounted for more than 50% of the variance.As it occurs with visuospatial abilities in AN, basic cognitive abilities such as speed of information processing and cognitive inhibition may affect other cognitive functions such as delayed verbal memory regardless of immediate recall. These findings may help interpret performance on cognitive tests in future research.