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Development and validation of an HPLC-MS/MS analytical method for quantitative analysis of TCBA-TPQ, a novel anticancer makaluvamine analog, and application in a pharmacokinetic study in rats

YU, Jun-Xian, Voruganti, Sukesh, LI, Dan-Dan, Qin, Jiang-Jiang, Nag, Subhasree, Xu, Su, Velu, Sadanandan E., Wang, Wei, ZHANG, Ruiwen
Chinese journal of natural medicines 2015 v.13 no.7 pp. 554-560
Oriental traditional medicine, analytical methods, antineoplastic agents, humans, in vivo studies, medicinal properties, neoplasms, pharmacokinetics, quantitative analysis, rats
We have recently designed and synthesized several novel iminoquinone anticancer agents that have entered preclinical development for the treatment of human cancers. Herein we developed and validated a quantitative HPLC-MS/MS analytical method for one of the lead novel anticancer makaluvamine analog, TCBA-TPQ, and conducted a pharmacokinetic study in laboratory rats. Our results indicated that the HPLC-MS/MS method was precise, accurate, and specific. Using this method, we carried out in vitro and in vivo evaluations of the pharmacological properties of TCBA-TPQ and plasma pharmacokinetics in rats. Our results provide a basis for future preclinical and clinical development of this promising anticancer marine analog.