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Identification of Two Transcriptional Activators MabZIP4/5 in Controlling Aroma Biosynthetic Genes during Banana Ripening

Guo, Yu-fan, Zhang, Yun-liang, Shan, Wei, Cai, Yong-jian, Liang, Shu-min, Chen, Jian-ye, Lu, Wang-jin, Kuang, Jian-fei
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2018 v.66 no.24 pp. 6142-6150
bananas, biosynthesis, gene expression regulation, genes, odors, ripening, transactivators, transcription (genetics)
The transcriptional regulation of aroma formation genes remains poorly understood in the banana. In this work, we found that the expressions of a subset of aroma biosynthetic genes including MaOMT1, MaMT1, MaGT1, MaBCAT1, MaACY1, MaAGT1, and BanAAT, as well as two bZIP genes, MabZIP4 and MabZIP5, were down-regulated when prestored at 7 °C compared to those prestored at 22 °C during the ripening process of banana. Furthermore, MabZIP4 and MabZIP5 were shown to be able to activate the transcription of these aroma biosynthetic genes. Importantly, MabZIP4 directly binds to BanAAT promoter, while MabZIP5 binds to the promoters of MaMT1, MaACY1, MaAGT1, and BanAAT via the G-box motif, implicating the diverse functional significances of MabZIPs in controlling aroma biosynthesis in banana. Overall, this work sheds new insights on the understanding of transcriptional regulatory mechanisms associated with aroma formation during banana ripening.