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ent-Jungermannenone C Triggers Reactive Oxygen Species-Dependent Cell Differentiation in Leukemia Cells

Zongwei Yue, Xinhua Xiao, Jinbao Wu, Xiaozhou Zhou, Weilong Liu, Yaxi Liu, Houhua Li, Guoqiang Chen, Yingli Wu, Xiaoguang Lei
Journal of natural products 2018 v.81 no.2 pp. 298-306
cell differentiation, cysteine, diterpenoids, drug resistance, enantiomers, mosses and liverworts, myeloid leukemia, neoplasm cells, oxygen, peroxiredoxin, reactive oxygen species, therapeutics
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a hematologic malignancy that is characterized by clonal proliferation of myeloid blasts. Despite the progress that has been made in the treatment of various malignant hematopoietic diseases, the effective treatment of AML remains very challenging. Differentiation therapy has emerged as a promising approach for leukemia treatment, and new and effective chemical agents to trigger the differentiation of AML cells, especially drug-resistant cells, are urgently required. Herein, the natural product jungermannenone C, a tetracyclic diterpenoid isolated from liverworts, is reported to induce cell differentiation in AML cells. Interestingly, the unnatural enantiomer of jungermannenone C (1) was found to be more potent than jungermannenone C in inducing cell differentiation. Furthermore, compound 1 targets peroxiredoxins I and II by selectively binding to the conserved cysteine residues and leads to cellular reactive oxygen species accumulation. Accordingly, ent-jungermannenone C (1) shows potential for further investigation as an effective differentiation therapy against AML.