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Optimum Fertilizer Phosphorus Requirement for Maximum Productivity under Rice–Rice and Rice–Sunflower Systems in Semi-Arid Alfisols

Srinivas, Allipuram, Surendra Babu, Pasupuleti, Maruthi Sankar, Ghattamaraju, Madhavi, Adusimilli, Vidyasagar, Gollapalli Eswara Chandra
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 2018 v.49 no.12 pp. 1502-1521
Alfisols, Helianthus annuus, grain yield, phosphorus, residual effects, rice, straw
A study was conducted at Hyderabad during 2009–11 to determine phosphorus (P) dose for rice–rice and rice–sunflower. Available P increased when 100% recommended P dose (RDP) was applied. P applied to rice gave at par yield under 100 or 75% RDP. In rice–rice, grain yield of 5668 and 5775 kg ha⁻¹ in kharif (5654 and 5760 kg ha⁻¹ in rabi) were attained with P@75 and 100% RDP. Kharif P residual effect in rabi affected rice yield. P@100/75% RDP in kharif and rabi gave grain of 5916/5973 and straw 6230/6673 kg ha⁻¹. P applied to sunflower revealed that yield was similar with 100 or 75% RDP. Sunflower yield was at par with P@100 or 75% RDP. 25% RDP in rice and sunflower may be reduced to attain similar yield of 100% RDP. In rice–rice, grain yield attained by 100% RDP in both seasons was 11.42t ha⁻¹ yr⁻¹, while 75% RDP gave yield of 11.45t ha⁻¹yr⁻¹.