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Numerical and experimental study of a heat recovery steam generator during start-up procedure

Alobaid, Falah, Karner, Karl, Belz, Jörg, Epple, Bernd, Kim, Hyun-Gee
Energy 2014 v.64 pp. 1057-1070
computer simulation, computer software, electricity, energy resources, generators (equipment), heat recovery, power plants, simulation models
The share of renewable energies in electricity and heat supply besides the conventional energy resources gains more importance. Accordingly, the efficiency and flexibility of modern thermal power plants should be further improved. To design such a system, it is necessary to generate detailed computer models that can accurately predict the power plant behaviour during fast transients, part loads and start-up procedures. In this work, a dynamic simulation model for a subcritical three-pressure-stage HRSG (heat recovery steam generator) is built, employing the advanced processing simulation software Aspen Plus Dynamics®. The simulation results obtained from the HRSG model are validated towards the dynamic measurements during warm start-up procedure. The capability of processing simulation software used to estimate the dynamic behaviour of real HRSG is demonstrated. The HRSG model shows high accuracy at different part loads with a maximum relative error of about 5%. The good agreement suggests that the HRSG model is very reliable and is capable to predict the operational processes.