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Phylogenetic relationships among Ananas and related taxa (Bromelioideae, Bromeliaceae) based on nuclear, plastid and AFLP data

Matuszak-Renger, Sabine, Paule, Juraj, Heller, Sascha, Leme, Elton M. C., Steinbeisser, Gerardo M., Barfuss, Michael H. J., Zizka, Georg
Plant systematics and evolution 2018 v.304 no.7 pp. 841-851
Aechmea, Ananas, amplified fragment length polymorphism, bracts, coma, phylogeny, taxonomy
Since the first description of the genus in 1754, the taxonomy of Ananas underwent many fundamental changes and it is still the subject of a vivid debate. We present a phylogeny comprising all seven known Ananas taxa, Pseudananas sagenarius as well as closely related members of Bromelioideae (Aechmea subg. Chevaliera) based on three nuclear markers (agt1, ETS, phyC), five plastid markers (atpB–rbcL, trnL–trnF, matK, two segments of ycf1) and AFLP data. This study reveals a close relationship between Ananas, P. sagenarius, Aechmea tayoensis and Disteganthus basilateralis, and proposes novel relationship of the Ananas clade and Aechmea fernandae. Taxonomic implications of our analysis in particular the recognition of species versus varieties in Ananas are discussed. Furthermore, we could show that the evolution of two traits (scape bracts and the apical coma of the inflorescence) might be interlinked.