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Hydrogen permeation, water splitting and hydration kinetics in Nd5.4Mo0.3W0.7O12−δ

Zuoan Li, Christian Kjølseth, Reidar Haugsrud
Journal of membrane science 2015 v.476 pp. 105-111
artificial membranes, cations, gases, hydrogen, mass spectrometry, oxygen, permeability, temperature
To investigate transport properties of Mo-substituted Nd5.4Mo0.3W0.7O12−δ for hydrogen separation application, hydrogen fluxes of Nd5.4Mo0.3W0.7O12−δ have been measured in both dry and wet sweep gases. The fluxes in dry sweep gas show lower temperature dependence at high temperatures than at low temperatures. Comparing the hydrogen permeability among rare earth tungstates, it has been revealed that the larger the RE-site cation radius, the higher the hydrogen permeation. Water splitting effect for the wet sweep gas has been confirmed by mass spectrometry. Oxygen surface kinetics under oxidizing conditions has been studied by ToF-SIMS measurements, and is significantly faster under wet conditions than dry. Hydration kinetics has been studied by conductivity relaxation measurements under reducing conditions for the first time, showing a two-fold non-monotonic behavior.