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Vertical and horizontal distribution of ascending Atlantic salmon in power plant tailrace channels

Sutela, Tapio, Orell, Panu, Huusko, Ari, Jaukkuri, Mikko, Huusko, Riina, Mäki‐Petäys, Aki, Erkinaro, Jaakko
Fisheries management and ecology 2018 v.25 no.4 pp. 267-274
Salmo salar, adults, fish ladders, power plants, radio telemetry, rivers, salmon, shorelines, swimming, Finland
Three‐dimensional distribution of adult upstream‐migrating Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., was studied in three power plant tailrace channels on the large, regulated River Kemijoki in northern Finland using novel pressure sensor radio telemetry. The salmon swam mostly at depths of 1–4 m below the surface, with the salmon‐specific averages ranging from 1.3 to 6.4 m. When approaching a power plant, no change in swimming depth was observed. The horizontal locations of salmon in the two regularly shaped tailrace channels peaked at 5–10 m distance from the shoreline and showed a positively skewed distribution with a tail towards the central part of the tailrace. A graphical presentation of salmon locations in the tailrace channel and data on swimming depth and distance from the shoreline may prove useful in determining the location and design of a fishway entrance and in dimensioning attraction flow.